By the age of 3, your little one is ready to start preschool. The cost of preschool is almost comparable to the price of regular day care centres; however, they greatly differ in the services they provide. While most parents can attest to the benefits of sending their child to preschool, some are still sceptical whether their child really needs it or not. To clear things up, here are the 5 core things your child can learn in preschool.

Readiness in School

One of the core things a child learns from preschool is school readiness. Preschool is just like practicing how to behave like real students. They are taught how to take turns, listen to the teacher, follow instructions, handling their behaviour, and many more. Most children who have been in preschool find it easier to adjust when they enter kindergarten because they already have an idea on how things go. Preschool also helps children learn how to be separate from their parent, helping them act by themselves by communicating with their teachers, exploring and experimenting about things.

Emotional and Social Development

Preschool is a great venue to help children learn how to accomplish things by themselves. They get to play with other children, communicate with them, learn to compromise, explore, and know more about themselves. Being with peers and other adults is essential in broadening the emotional range of a child; teaching them how to relate to other people’s feelings and how to react. Leave your child in best hands by choosing only quality kindergarten programs within Altona.

Academic Skills

Basic academic skills are taught to children in preschool. They are taught alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes, and all the other essentials. They also get to learn other skills like singing, playing games, solving problems, and many more. Children learn the best when they are interested and having fun. In preschool, teachers do their best to make every learning opportunity more fun and interesting for kids by incorporating it to games, songs, story time and imagination. The goal of preschool is to develop a well-rounded child, ready to face the world with their capabilities.

Language and Cognitive Skills

Children who are enrolled in preschool are more advanced when it comes to their language and cognitive skills. Being in such a language-rich environment gives a lot of learning opportunities for kids such as singing, reading books, imaginative play and simply talking. They could also expand their vocabulary more because they get to communicate with lots of people every day.


Because they are away from their parents and caregiver, children can learn how to care for themselves in preschool. They learn how to go to the bathroom, wash hands, eat their food or take off their shoes without any help. They are also taught other tasks like helping out in classroom activities. Doing things by themselves help build their confidence and become more positive when it comes to learning.

Preschool education has lots of benefits to offer. Give your child a boost in learning by enrolling him in a quality preschool institution.

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