There’s one thing everyone enjoys after a hard and long day at work and that is a good drink. From getting off of work to dozing off there are a few hours and Melbourne has the bars and café that make that opening a great one. Be it to sip wine, get a cold beer or even hard liquor on Friday nights, the city has the most extensive outlets serving just the right drink for you.

Where To Find The Best

Many cities in Melbourne are crowded with pubs such as little Collins street bars. Unlike other countries these streets are packed with outlets and are ideal for bar hopping. Each bar has an ambience and theme of its own and in turn it serves its customers a different culture. Melbourne hospitality and welcoming nature make it even more friendly and enjoyable.


Such places are open till the wee hours of morning satisfying the needs of every customer and serving them as many drinks as they would like. Many of these outlets introduce beverages of their own. Juggling with different ingredients to make the perfect blend of flavours has never been an issue with them. If there is one thing Australians are famous for, it is flavour!

Some places even hire expert bartenders that put on an exceptional display and show off their skills. Small efforts by bars like this help build a better customer base and make regulars come back for more.


Many of these outlets have extensive food menus. so now you can never have to drink on an empty stomach. Finding food late at night is easy as such places are running till then. Every bar in Melbourne has a different identity and theme that it follows.

Some are roof top bars giving their customers a view of the entire quarter while others are basement bars offering a cosy environment.  There are places with live music and a dance floor and places with a flat screen to catch up on a game. Some bars are 90’s inspired while some are inspired by their countries. There are Italian bars, Spanish bars, Parisian bars, British bars and the list goes on. With such a wide variety the choice is endless and bar hopping becomes even more fun.

Places like these are installed with minimal décor and dimmed lights to give it a more of a night time feel.


From fancy, over priced bottles to a dollar beer, there’s more than you could imagine. If you’re on a budget but want to have more than just a beer, do not despair. Many outlets offer happy hours that start after the standard working hours and drinks are as low as $5. If you do miss happy hour, there are many serving cheap wine and beers. Getting drunk has never been better.

When heading out for drinks always be careful and make sure you’re safe. Do not drink and drive and always have an emergency contact.

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