Birthdays are very special occasions. They act as a way of showing a person that you love that you are grateful for their existence and that you appreciate them. Birthday’s become all the more special and important when it is the person you brought into existence i.e your daughter or son. This can be an extremely emotional occasion that brings back some very nostalgic memories. However, with modern-day children becoming more and more demanding every day, it is common knowledge that kids will not settle for just anything. Your daughter, a woman in the making too will be extremely difficult to shop for as her birthday draws near. Thus, here are some helpful hints that will hopefully nudge you onto the correct part when it comes to getting your daughter – the princess of your heart something for her birthday.


Yes, this may seem like everyone’s overrated birthday present but it is definitely something that is declining and needs to be brought back. On average a growing child spends about 40 percent of his/her time on a mobile device or tablet. Investing in a book is the greatest gift that you can ever give your daughter as it will definitely be something new to her and something that will help her grow as a person and improve her vocabulary. Get your daughter a book that maybe was sentimental to you growing up. For bonus points, you can include a note in the book telling her why you liked it and what fascinated you about it as a kid growing up. If all goes well she might even look to taking up reading as a hobby!


Ever heard of the phrase “girls can never have too many clothes”? Well, the same applies to your daughter. Whether she is a child or a teenager the love for new clothes will always be the same. You can look for girls dresses Australia or even t-shirts which are custom made for her. Maybe in your daughter’s favourite color or with a print of her favourite cartoon character. Clothes will never run out of love and if you truly invest your time to buy her something special it will be definitely appreciated because after all it is you who knows best about your daughter. Take into consideration her likes and dislikes as well as get her something that is in the trend.


Kids love to play and your daughter will be no exemption.

Stray away from the usual basketball rings and cricket bats and get your daughter a game that requires you to be physically as well as mentally present. The market offers many interesting board games such as Pictionary and even twister. Allow your daughter or even son for that matter to feel free and to learn new things all the time. If that is your parenting way then be sure to invest in some of these games that will surely ensure that your daughter’s life is filled with loads of fun and lots of giggles!

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