After the stressful week that you have gone through, you deserve nothing but a good break and relaxation. While you may be free this coming weekend, you might want to do something fun before you officially return to your stressful work come Monday. If you are unsure of what to do, here are some suggestions that you can consider so you can have so much fun this coming weekend.


What’s the best thing than to simply lie on the sofa while drooling over your Netflix obsession? Well, that’s one idea that you can do this weekend. Make it more fun by popping some popcorn and making some juice to keep you company for your weekend movie marathon. In fact, you can wear pajamas all day and call the pizza guy to have you delivered a pizza for dinner. No need to cook if you do not feel like it. Remember the weekend is yours to enjoy.


Make the most out of your weekend by going out and having some fun with friends. You can go bar-hopping – visiting one bar to another – and just enjoy the refreshing cocktails and loud music. Lose yourself to the beat of the music and dance away while you enjoy your Mojito. Make the night more fun and unforgettable by visiting the friendly club for homos near you. Be sure to have some coffee though before the night ends – just to make sure that you can safely make your way home.


If you like something a little formal, you can invite your friends over dinner at your favorite restaurant. Order the food of your choice and catch up on each other over a glass of wine. Make the evening luxurious by choosing a candlelight dinner by the seaside to have a pleasingly memorable vibe. Conclude your dinner by satisfying your sweet tooth and having a delectable dessert that will surely leave you wanting for more.


Some opt to do their hobbies during their free weekend. These hobbies could range from typical sports such as swimming, basketball, badminton, to the mouth-watering cooking and baking hobbies, to the relaxing sound of a musical instrument.


You can also consider a staycation at your favorite inn or at a glamping site. Allow yourself to be pampered by their services such as the relaxing massage, mud bath, facial care, and other available services. Indulge on whatever it is that they offer. After all, you’ve been through a tough week so consider this as a reward to yourself.


If you find yourself too tired to even move, you can just stay home and do nothing. You can lie on your bed all day. You can sleep all day or just stare blankly at the ceiling all day. You have all the time, anyway. Doing nothing is relaxing for the nerves, as the thought of doing nothing makes your mind so much at ease.

The possibilities are endless this coming weekend. Do not limit yourself on the activity that you should do. Remember, the whole weekend is yours to maximize and to enjoy.

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