If you’re looking to purchase a bassinet, there are few things you should know. It will guarantee you purchase the best possible one so keep reading as we’ll be discussing these things.

How Big Is It?

The weight of the bassinet will decide if you can use it or not. It should not be too small as it won’t be able to handle much weight, making it not possible for you to rock your baby into it.

You should look at the manufacturer’s specifications, determining the maximum weight you can place in it. If the number is able to carry your little one, then it is fit enough for you to purchase.

Can You Rock It?

Most of the time, the bassinet would be stationary. So, it’ll be placed in the corner of his room. However, this is not always the case as they come with the capability to rock it.

With a bassinet that rocks, you’ll easily put your little one to sleep as the rocking motions will do the trick. That being said, bassinets that rock are more expensive than the standard ones.

Although useful, being able to move from side to side isn’t a good feature to have if your little one can move around. As he’s curious, he can shake the cot, trying to escape from it.

If he shakes too hard, he could be swung out of it, injuring himself in the process.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the only safety hazard a rocking bassinet could cause. If you shake too hard, you could make him sick as he’ll feel dizzy.

How Is Its Mattress?

Most bassinets come with a mattress. The mattress it comes with should be firm as babies enjoy a sturdy surface to sleep on.

The support the mattress would be on should be steady as well. Otherwise, you’re compromising how well he’ll sleep. If you want, you can get a bassinet breathable mattress  as well.

Is It Transport Ready?

If the bassinet is too big, you won’t be able to take it about. During busy nights at friends or family’s, a bassinet would be helpful as it would keep your little one in deep sleep. Without it, you and the other guests won’t be able to enjoy the night as he will wake up, constantly making a noise.

To ensure you can carry it around, the bassinet needs to be a specific size. The exact measurements depend on the size of your vehicle as it needs to be small enough to fit the space.

Moreover, how heavy it is would affect your ability to transport it. You have to consider how heavy it is with your child in it as well.

Is It Transport Safe?

Although it may be portable in size, you have more assessing to do before you can take it out with you. If the bassinet has wheels, portability is easier but it could cause some unsafe scenarios.

If no one is tending to him, he could move it away, especially if it has rocking capabilities. That’s why it needs a safety lock feature.

In conclusion, the above points will help you purchase the best bassinet for your little one.

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