When working on a production, whatever it may be, it is of extreme importance that one looks at the importance of video equipment for production. It is not only having the equipment but also having good branded equipment that has sound durability and also does not undermine once capabilities. Hence, when buying video equipment one must ensure that it is of premium quality. Thus, a list of the various types of video equipment needed for production has been supplied as follows.


This is the basis of any production. If the production is human life then the camera is its soul. The photographer or videographer can work wonders with his tool and ensure that the production is top notch considering the brand of the camera or camcorder. When working with the camera you must never forget to always test its zoom as well as the white and black balance. Check the battery level of the camera before using it for production and always ensure to have extra batteries at hand.

Tapes/ Hard Drives

This mainly depends on the kind of production that you will be engaging in. However, it is vital to always keep some form of storage at hand in the event that it is needed. Tapes for audio production can encapsulate audio quality and hard drives can ensure the storage of video productive. If not readily available pen drives, although lesser in quantity are an alternative.

Lighting Equipment

Lighting is a key factor in production.  When purchasing lighting equipment you must always ensure quality products. For example, Film lighting in Brisbane is readily available. When using lighting equipment one must pay special attention to the location and time of day. Always remember to have extra lighting equipment in the event of an emergency.


A tripod is actually a multitasking device. Not only does it act as a holder for the camera but also as a reflector on instances when it has to serve this purpose. It can be used for both still as well as motion photography and can especially be extremely helpful on occasions where the camera needs to be kept still. It also provides relief to the photographer who can simply then focuses his entire attention on his skill.


A microphone is a quintessential equipment that is used to ensure good quality sound production in the production of videos. Some cameras have built-in microphones however to ensure quality production it is always important to carry an extra microphone that is wireless so that when editing the production the sound quality can be enhanced if needed. There is always a variety of microphones on the market such as the shotgun microphone or the stereo microphone. Ensure that you pick the one that is most suited for your production.

Extension Cables

This also comes under the list of essentials needed for video production. Mostly because extensions  are almost always needed but always forgotten as they do not carry the weight of a camera or cam recorder. Extension cables come in use when moving to take your shot but also help to ensure that you are not restricted in any way.

Thus such are the essentials needed to ensure quality video production. If bought and used effectively you are bound to live up to your full potential when producing.

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