The time when you’re moving houses and need to sort through your belongings is the perfect moment to do a little spring cleaning. Get rid of all the items you no longer use or need, as well as the things you have out-grown easily through a yard sale. Here are a few tips to help set up a successful yard sale.

Make Sure To Advertise Your Sale Using Traditional And Modern Methods

Thanks to the internet, advertising is faster and easier than it ever was in the years before. Make sure to start advertising about your yard sale to those of your neighborhood through your social media platforms from a week before the sale at least. If your neighborhood has its own WhatsApp group, don’t forget to make an eye-catching advertisement for that as well. tap in a favor from your friends to share the advertising post in their social media platforms as well. If you have the space for it, try to get a few pop up banners advertising the sale and place them in prominent places in your neighborhood.

Price Things Reasonably

Making money out of your belongings is the primary goal for this yard sale, but you need to be reasonable about the pricing. No one is going to buy a used product for the same amount as a brand new product; despite it not showing any signs of use. As yard sales can get crowded and hectic, it’s best to display the pricing for each item clearly to avoid confusions and delays. It’s also best to place these pricing tags on signboards or using painters tape so you don’t damage the product.

Wash, Iron And Display Clothing Items To Look Its Best

If you plan on getting rid of the clothes you no longer need or use before you move houses, then the yard sale is the perfect opportunity to do so while making a slight profit. To make your used clothing look desirable to “potential customers”, make sure to clean it with a mild but fragrant detergent, and iron it so it looks its best. Put clothing items that make an outfit in close proximity for combined sales. Suggest alternate ways in which the item can be worn for several outfits to make it seem like a good choice if you’re around when the “customer” is having a look at it.

Keep Matching Accessories Close At Hand

No outfit is complete without bags, shoes and accessories; any serious shopper knows this. If you’re getting rid of these as well, then make sure to have it close to the rack holding the clothes. Use small plastic bags to put the sets together, while making sure to check if all parts of your accessories are present when putting them for sale. If you’re selling shoes, take the time to freshen them out, wipe out the bottom and polish them so they look more presentable.

Vacuum And Polish Before Putting The Furniture Up For Sale 

Second hand furniture is considered very popular for yard sales and tends to sell quite easily if you present it in the right way. Take the time to vacuum the upholstery so it’s dust-free and looks fresh and comfortable. Make use of a light wood polish to shine up the wooden areas of the furniture so that it looks newer and more presentable. Do not try to hide the imperfections of your furniture; just minimize how glaringly obvious it can be.

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