Young kids always enjoy a good plying time may it be indoors or outdoors. While outdoor play may be much more exciting with the naturist scene indoor activities too can prove interesting if they are done in a correct manner. Preschools educate children who quickly tend to grow bored from one activity to another this is why it’s quite a daunting task to grasp their attention for a considerable time. But by using interesting means to entertain the children while educating them will be certainly easier to teach and occupy them without fruitlessly exhausting yourself. Accordingly shown below are some enjoyable indoor play methods kindergarten kids are sure to enjoy. 

Freeze Dance

A well-known indoor game played by not only young kindergarteners but by adults as well. It’s a simple game that can be played with nothing but music. The only guideline to follow is that once the music is paused everyone should freeze. Through this exercise, one can familiarize children with different types and styles of music and dance. Encourage children to make funny, crazy faces when the music stops so that the game would be much more enjoyable. Places like Child Care Ballarat know how to entertain your child using proper methods so that their kindergarten experience will no doubt be a memorable and interesting one. 

Indoor Obstacle Couse

Who says obstacle courses are sorely an outdoor game. Indoor obstacle courses can be fun too! All you have to do is push the desks and chairs to a corner so the children won’t accidentally hurt themselves and build your own classroom obstacle course with the assistance of different activities. You can make an intellectual obstacle course with calculations and spelling activities along with some simple jumping and balance beams moves combined with some fast Patten recognition games etc. there is an infinite amount of possibilities you can work with. Divide the children into groups and use a timer, encourage children to cheer for their teams and get them excited!

Mask Making

Arts and crafts always gain the attention of young children. And what better way to have some crafting fun than making masks. Being fairly easy to make there are many possibilities for characters from popular superheroes to animals and even fruits and vegetables if you want to make the lesson more interesting for the children. With different types of materials differing from paper to fabrics, and hold up masks to tied one’s mask-making is an interesting indoor playing activity that many kindergartens use to entertain young kids and expose their creative instincts as well.    


Story Go Around

One of the more interesting games where we get to experience the wide imagination of young kids this game is simple yet highly entertaining. Children are expected to make up a corporate story starting by one person each person should add a sentence. The game should start with simple characters which can later on expand along with the plot like ‘June went to the shop’ and the children should take it from their adding sentences building up their own story.  

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