Anyone’s 21st birthday is a very special milestone. For a girl, it is even impulsively celebrated. It is the ultimate freedom you get when all this while you were simply at home when your older siblings and friends were having fun outside. You have been missing all-night celebrations and facing a curfew for the last twenty years.

Having Responsible Fun

It may not be that useful to rant on about having fun and taking care while doing it. But having responsible fun is something else entirely. By this age, you obviously are aware of the dangers of things such as drugs and too much inebriation. Everything has a limit and it is important to understand that before anything goes wrong. There are a lot of sad stories of people who wish they have done things differently or said no when they felt like it.

Organise A Party

Not to throw a wet towel on happiness but mentioning your now-mature duty to take care of yourself is important. With that out of the way, now it is your task to plan a killer twenty-first birthday party. Pick a theme and decide on a budget. You may have some money left saved from summer jobs. Or even your parents could be in a giving mood so they are ready to finance the party. Whichever it is, do not waste the money you have.

Make A Budget

To work on a budget, you need to decide on the number of guests you are planning to invite. Without that, it is difficult to both decide on a venue as well as amounts of food you’d need. Once that done, you can search for the available venues. Try to pick a unique one but there is no need to pay extra for a chic interior or a bugger dance floor. It is a twenty first birthday party, people will just dance from where they are! Target uniqueness such as a beach venue or a rooftop.

Use Décor Ideas To Make It Special

One place you can make a real difference is by doing unique décor. You can also try some special effects such as Airwize pyrotechnics. Fireworks make an everlasting experience for everyone and it looks fantastic in the right shots. To make sure you have memories saved, hire a good photographer too. Your décor must be in line with the theme you choose. If you have ample time to work on it, it’s fine even if you choose a really difficult theme. But if not, try to select a simple yet effective theme. Refrain from going for common, overused ones like pirates or sea themes; you can definitely think of something related to your interests, career and more.

It is important that you enjoy the event but do not end up in the bar or worse yet, in the washroom. Whatever your friends or family tell you, there is no fun in getting drunk “like you never have been before” or just emptying the shot glasses as a competition. The best way to have a good time is with your loved ones – friends and family – and have responsible fun.

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