Tobacco has been used ceremonially and enjoyed recreationally for hundreds of years, from the Native Tribal peoples of the Americas thousands of years ago, to the worldwide trend of cigarette smoking today.


The tobacco plant is dried and consumed by humans by sniffing (as snuff), chewing, and smoking in pipes, cigars, and cigarettes. Though today we are all well aware of the health implications of using tobacco, smoking remains a popular recreational activity for many.


Cool Gifts Co has a wide range of tobacco and smoking related products for sale in our online store. Just some of the items we stock include:


  • Pipe screen mesh cones
  • Secret safe novelty containers
  • Cigarette rollers
  • Ashtrays
  • Tobacco boxes and cases
  • Pill boxes
  • Herb grinders
  • Leather and suede tobacco pouches
  • Rolling papers
  • Flavoured rolling papers
  • Scales and scissors
  • Lighter cases
  • Pipe cleaners


Please note that we do not stock or sell tobacco itself in any form (leaf, cigars, or cigarettes).


If you’re looking for a gift or novelty item for the smoker in your life, look no further! Browse our complete range today.


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