Knives are tools which have been used for millennia. Used for preparing food, cooking, hunting, whittling, as an emergency screwdriver, and much more, knives are very valuable tools to have.


Knives are amongst the most popular collectors’ items available online. A beautifully-crafted knife is a work of art.


At Cool Gifts Co, we sell a broad range of knives, ranging in price and quality from a simple, inexpensive pocket knife, to premium hunting knives of the highest quality available. We also stock fantasy and antique design knives.



Amongst our currently available stock are:


  • Folding pocket knives
  • Medieval Knight’s Dagger
  • Rustic Samurai Antique Mini Sword
  • Hunting Knives
  • Throwing Knives
  • Mini-Key ring Pocket Knives
  • Letter Opener Swords
  • SAS Survival Knives
  • Bottle Openers
  • Celtic Knives
  • Barber Razor Knives


Blade enthusiasts will be thrilled by the product range and quality we have available in our online store. Our knives are top quality, made from the very best materials and crafted to perfection by the very best forgers across the world. They are items of great beauty. Whatever your style or taste, we have the perfect blade for you.


PLEASE NOTE: All knives can be dangerous if not handled carefully and correctly; as such, there are strict laws governing the purchase and sale of knives in Australia. All buyers MUST be aged eighteen years or over. Each state has its own laws relating to buying knives online; please check legislation for your own state before ordering so as to ensure compliance.

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